About Us

NaturalHair started trading in Ireland in 2015. It has been selling high-quality natural hair in several European countries for years.

Our company sells hair extension products for two consumer groups. For professional hair extension hair dressers and for those who would like to buy hair extension products for their own home usage.
Besides natural hair products you can find other hair accessories on our continually expanding palette.

Our company, appears in other fields in the fast growing Irish market. You can find not only hair extension products and accessories but also cheap perfumes and fragrances on our website.
Naturalhair has been paying high attention since the beginning to high quality at affordable price level. We continually check the quality of each and every product before handing them over to the buyer.

We strictly avoid such products that are prepared by using chemicals as in this way the natural human hair becomes damaged and they can be used only for a shorter period of time.
Our hair products are made of 100 % REMY human hair which does not contain any fake hair or other types of hair.

If the hair you purchased are attached by our professional hair dresser partners, we provide guarantee of the hair extension process and the hair products that is why we highly recommend our professional hair dressers for the hair extension.

Our main products are as follows:

  • I-Tip Hair-Extension
  • U-Tip (Fusion) Hair-Extension
  • Weft Hair Extension
  • Ponytail Hair-Extension
  • Clip-In Hair-Extension
  • Hair and Hair-Extension Accessories

If you like any of our products, you can place your order on our website. We provide free next day delivery for all orders above EUR 50 if the product is in stock.
We offer personalized prices for hair dresser salons and distributors for continuous orders.
You can get higher discounts based on your purchase amount. Please ask for our special rate offer and be our partner.
If you regularly buy products for yourself, we can also give you a discount and free products in case of continuous purchases.

Don’t forget. Naturalhair is the beauty you deserve.

NaturalHair details:
GV Solution (Registration Number: 554283)
10 Cedra Grove, Ridgewood,Swords
info @ naturalhair. ie